Episode 3: Sam Howard Interview part 1

In this week’s episode, we’re taking a brief pause from our ongoing Servant Leadership discussions to bring you something special—an exclusive interview with Brother Sam Howard. Pastor Howard carries a wealth of experience in ministry, including a period as a missionary in war-torn El Salvador. He also served as the Assistant to the Pastor under the esteemed Murrell Ewing. In addition, Brother Howard dedicated more than a decade to being a full-time Evangelist, witnessing the transformative experience of thousands receiving the Holy Ghost. As we kick off the first part of a two-part series featuring Brother Howard, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the essence of genuine servant leadership.

Episode 2: Power or Authority

In our second episode, we briefly explore a fascinating question: What resonates more with people – Power or Authority? During the discussion, we carefully dissect the disparities between these two notions, shedding light on their true nature. Furthermore, we delve into the intriguing contrast between a servant leader and a guide, examining their distinct approaches and influences.

Episode 1: What Is Servant Leadership

In the inaugural episode, my cohost and I delve into our military backgrounds and ministerial experience, providing a concise overview. We also engage in a conversation about our individual perspectives on servant leadership, exploring the distinctions between power and authority and emphasizing the significance of authority within the context of servant leadership.